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I am 35 years old, and have been tattooing for 20 years. Tattooing
is my passion. I've been through many different changes in my life.
From a little kid growing up in the boondocks (eddy TX) to being
broke and homeless in the projects of Temple Texas, to teaching
myself how to operate an honest and successful business. But I've
never forgotten where i came from. With the support of a few
important people, i have become the person i am today. The
hardships i endured make me appreciate all that i now have. I've
never had a hand out. I've never sold drugs or anything else illegal
to get where i am. I work hard for every dollar i have. I am drug
free. I love my tattoo shop, my family, and all of my loyal customers.
And now that I have my beautiful sexy wife Denise and wonderful
son Alfonso by my side, i can overcome anything else this world
has in store for me. I've had very few people there for me through
the years, but those that were, know how much i appreciate them
and what they mean to me. Unfortunately, some of the ones that
made the biggest impact on my life have passed away, but i will
never forget them. (RIP Marsha Burton & Cory Hale, )
I treat everyone that comes into my shop with respect. I am very
proud that my shop has become what it is today, not only one of
the top rated shop on Google and facebook, but also the most
family friendly shop around, and the most military friendly shop in
town. What i am most proud of is that we are here to stay, to
provide the best customer service to you and your family not just
today, but for countless years to come. My shop is YOUR tattoo
Tattoos by James/Owner
Below are our other artists. Each artist working for us has been chosen not only for their skills as artists
but also for their great personalities, customer service, and dedication to our shop.
Tattoos By Denise/owner
i knew James before he opened this shop, and he was
always the one i trusted for my tattoos. For the longest
time, we were both in relationships and therefore were
only friends. But then one fateful day, i was single, he
was single... i came into the shop looking for jewelry for a
piercing (he was looking fine and sexy as always) we
exchanged numbers, spent some time together, and were
soon deeply in love. Now married, raising our son
Alfonso, and running a business, i do all i can to stand by
his side. i began tattooing because i saw his passion for
it, and felt i could enjoy it the same, which i do. I learned
body piercing from him as well, and was soon so good, he
retired from it. Now i pretty much do it all, from running
the shop, to piercing and tattoos.
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