Tattoo supplies
441 Mccarty rd
San Antonio TX 78216
(210) 923-8618 (shop)
(210) 310-6232 (James & Denise/Owners)
Mon-thur Noon-8pm
fri-sat Noon-10pm
Sun noon-6pm
hours may change please call ahead

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For a price quote, please email picture to:
gmail.com. or send to
Please include the approximate  size (in
inches), colors, and where on your body
the tattoo is going to be placed. Need to
set an appointment or get a drawing
started? Visit the Deposits page for
options. Once you make the deposit, call
us to get everything set up. (210)923-8618.
If you are over 18, you will need a
state or government ID. Any of these will work: State
ID or Driver's Licence, Passport, Military ID.
If you are under 18,
here are the rules:
A person may get a piercing with parental consent
if they are at least 1
6 years old.(younger children
may get basic ear piercing only) Requirements set
by the Texas State Health Dept. are as follows:
1.The minor must have a
photo ID. This can be a
state ID or Drivers Licence, school id, missing child
ID, passport, or school yearbook.
2.The minor must have their birth certificate, or
other court issued or notarized document stating
the name of the minor and parent/guardian.
3.The parent/guardian signing consent for the
piercing must be listed on the birth certificate, and
must provide identification matching the name listed
on the birth certificate. This can be the parent's
State ID or
Driver's Licence, Passport, Military ID. If the last
names on the ID and birth certificate do not match,
we will need further proof of identity showing the link
between the two last names, such as an old ID,
marriage licence, ect with the matching last name.
Tattoos for minors:
A minor can only get a tattoo if they meet the
following requirements:
1. All requirements for piercing must be met.
2. It must be considered in the best interest of the
minor to get an
existing tattoo fixed or covered. An
example would be if the minor has a gang affiliated
tattoo on them, and need to have it covered up.

We DO NOT make exceptions to these rules
and requirements. Please do not ask us to
make exceptions as it is not only offensive to
our staff, but Illegal and punishable by law.